Why The MCRmy Is A Joke

Apr 18

Anonymous said: What is it that made you think some of the MCRmy is a joke.(Not hating just asking)

I saw stupidmcrfans’s blog, I absolutely loved reading her posts so I guess she kind of inspired me, I just totally made up the name…It was originally whythemcrmysucks but I made another blog connected to the same account because none of the posts were showing up in the tags and then became whythemcrmyisajoke. :) ~SaladFingers

For me I’d kinda had a love/hate relationship with the MCRmy for a while, I’d met some really nice MCR fans over the internet, but then seen other ones acting like idiots, being elitists, and just generally being disrespectful to the band. Then I found this blog, and it opened my eyes to a lot more horrible stuff the MCRmy does that I hadn’t noticed before. - Snow

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