Why The MCRmy Is A Joke

Oct 23

Anonymous said: Did you watch last night's SPN episode?

I’m only just getting into the show, so unfortunately not :/ ~SaladFingers

Oct 06

joyousdivvy-groovygroovyperson said: You guys might like the blog spooky-snowflake-of-doom.

That’s the person who used to be special-snowflake-hall-of-fame, right? I love their blog. To any of our followers who don’t know them, they basically point out general stupidity on Tumblr, so go check it out if that’s your kind of thing. - Snow

Aug 30

thedrugs-neverwork said: I'm fine, I told the guy off. Though it did make me feel like shit.

I’m glad you’re okay. I just don’t think people even stop to consider how other people feel when they tell others to go and kill themselves, for all they know, that person could be genuinely suicidal. Anyways, whoever told you to go and kill yourself is an asshole, they had no right to say that to you. x

Aug 30

Anonymous said: At Reading, Gerard was reading the lyrics off of a piece of paper but I think it was because he was really nervous of messing up the lyrics in front of Brian May idk

That’s a very good explanation. Yeah, Brian May is basically one of Gerard’s idols so I don’t think anyone can blame him for that. ~SaladFingers

Aug 28

thedrugs-neverwork said: I'm going to be honest here. I'm a huge MCR fan. I've been a fan since I was about 7 or 8. And now I'm reaching 14-15, and the fanbase is starting to annoy me. Like, I ship Frikey more than Frerard. "Frikey never happened, you can't ship that! Frerard is real!" I hate when people say that to me. I ship what I ship, and you ship what you ship. And the fact I was told to kill myself by a few MCR fans upsets me. I thought we all loved each other here.

It’s horrible that you got told to kill yourself, I don’t see why anybody would do that. Can they not accept that not everybody in the bandom are Frerard shippers, or can they not accept that Frerard isn’t real altogether? Anyways, I hope you’re okay after being told that. x ~SaladFingers

Aug 28

Anonymous said: God this is refreshing. Thanks for showing these people not all fans of My Chemical Romance are insane, over-the-top shipping, 13 year olds.

Thank you, it’s much appreciated. <3 And same to you. x ~SaladFingers

Aug 28

Anonymous said: I'm with you. By that I mean when you said that with RL ships people shouldn't say it's real unless confirmed to be.

The worst part is that sometimes they go out of their way to prove that their RL ship is real, even though it’s not. I understand that people find two people being together as cute, and I shall not judge them for that because a lot of people do it and have done it before ‘ship’ was even a word but…Yeah, some people just go to far with it. 


Aug 26

Anonymous said: what do u think of frerard shippers who ship them but know its not real?

As I’ve stated before love, I don’t have any issue with that. Personally, I think with ships involving real people (And not fictional characters) shouldn’t never be stated as ‘real’ unless proven to be, due to the fact that it might annoy the two people in the ship (I myself has been shipped with a friend by a few tormentors at school, but my friend got very upset over it due to the fact that the rumors of it being real insulted her actual girlfriend and then because of that she accused us of having an affair…That’s a pretty good example of what I’m talking about here).  ~SaladFingers 

Aug 21

Anonymous said: To the one who questioned Gerard's being a true fan of Queen because he was reading sheet music: a lot of people do that when they're singing covers even if they love the song and know it well. Its just a precaution to messing up, which happens to everyone. I'm pretty sure what they did at Reading was also a p last minute thing.

^^^Agreed. ~SaladFingers

Aug 20


The thing about the mcrmy is that they see themselves as outcasts and victims and then outwardly bully and victimise other groups of people and it isn’t okay.


Aug 17

Anonymous said: So one of my old friends was an MCR superfan, and during the time I was friends with her I was self harming and stuff and attempted suicide once and literally the only way she could comfort me was 'Gee wouldn't want you to do that.' Like...what?

Yeah, I hear a lot of people saying that. I can sort of get where they’re coming from, but obviously it’s not going to be helpful to everyone, as making you feel guilty for self harming can often make it a lot worse. 

But at the same time, I don’t think people should necessarily expect their friends to be able to be very helpful when it comes to something as serious as that, because honestly, that’s the kind of thing you should be talking to a counsellor about. Friends aren’t trained professionals, so they’re probably only going to be able to offer you a bit of comfort. 

So yeah, I do think the whole ‘MCR wouldn’t want you to do this’ is overused and pretty stupid since it’s obviously not going to help most people… but at the same time, at least she was trying to make you feel better, and you probably did put a lot of pressure on her by talking to her about something so serious, so you can’t really blame her for not knowing how to deal with it. - Snow

Aug 15

Anonymous said: the mcrmy doesn't like - in their words, they hate - what you post on your blog and i personaly think they asked for it just by being a mcr fan.

That doesn’t surprise me and they’re perfectly entitled to hate it, after all, we are criticising them. 

But you do realise that we’re both MCR fans too? There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a fan of MCR - or any band - and no one deserves to get hate for that. The problem with parts of the MCRmy isn’t that they like the band, but the way they act towards other people, both people who like MCR and who don’t.

The reason they deserve to be criticised for their actions is that they put down people who dislike MCR, and see themselves as being superior because they’re ‘different’. They also insult fellow MCR fans, maybe because they’re not that big a fan of the band or don’t know everything about the band members’ personal lives. They’re disrespectful to the band members, and try and prove that they’re cheating on their wives with each other. 

There are a lot of reasons why the MCRmy deserves criticism - but simply being a fan of the band isn’t one of them. - Snow

Aug 14

Anonymous said: Do you think Gerard really was a Queen fan or was just pretending? Because he clearly had a piece of paper on the floor while performing "We Will Rock You" with Brian May at Reading.

In my opinion, yes, absolutely! I see no reason why he’d pretend to be a fan of them, after all what could he possibly gain from that? Just from listening to some of the songs from The Black Parade, you can hear the influence Queen has had on their music. 

I’ve only seen that Reading video once, and I didn’t notice anything strange about it, so I can’t really comment on that. - Snow

Aug 13

Anonymous said: Why do you call yourself SaladFingers?

Because I’m a big fan of David Firth’s animations, which includes Salad Fingers.



Aug 13

mcrdeviantclub said: Saw a Mikey hate post the other day that had 8,000 notes. Yup, 8,000. I'm speechless. At least 4,000-5,000 unique people (when you consider how many both liked and reblogged it) think it's cool to mock someone they've never even met? This is getting ridiculous.

8000…I can’t believe it. Like I’ve said many time before, they’re hypocrites. I see so many MCRmy members complain about being bullied by other people at school…Yet they engage in the exact same thing. I don’t see why. 

I feel so sorry for both Mikey and Sarah for having to put up with so much cyber-bullying over the past few months, you’d have thoughts that the fans had of grown out of it by now. ~SaladFingers